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Camp Maluhia

The Maui County Council Boy Scouts of America owns and manages one of the country's 
most widely used wilderness faculties -- Camp Maluhia.  Camp Maluhia, 
which rests of the windward slopes of West Maui with a panoramic 
ocean view, offers a quality summer camp experience to all scout-aged 

With its beauty, large capacity, and easy accessibility, Camp Maluhia is 
occupied 60% of the year and 95% of weekends throughout the year.  In 
fact, few Boy Scout camps nationally are used as regularly by the general 
community as our camp.  

In 2000, 85% of enrolled Boy Scouts in the County of Maui camped at
Camp Maluhia. Scouts are not the only ones who enjoy Camp Maluhia.  
Every year dozens of school groups, visiting Scout troops, other non-profit 
organizations, and the Maui community take advantage of the camp for 
retreats and gatherings.

Among the many activities on Maui are hiking, biking, horseback riding,
snorkeling, swimming, whale watching, playing at the beach, surfing, 
windsurfing, stargazing, exploring Haleakala (a volcano towering 10,010 feet
above sea level), and just enjoying the island of Maui.

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To make 2010 Summer Camp Reservations or
 to apply for Camp Staff, call (808) 244-3724 
or email
Natalie at



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