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How You Can Help Camp Maluhia

Service Projects
There is a never ending list of improvements and maintenance that needs to be done at a camp our size with the multitude of facilities we have to share. Part of what makes our camp affordable to Scouts and to the community. If you see any project or materials you might be able to donate, please contact Robert Nakagawa at 808-463-7755 or email him at .

What Where When Who
Ramp Repair Camp Office ASAP Adult + H.S. Youth
Ramp Repair Cook's Cabin ASAP  
Paint Exterior Trim Staff Cabin ASAP Adult + Middle Sch.+
Paint Bathroom      
Remove Brush Piles Multiple ASAP All ages
Repair Exterior Doors Long House   Adult + Middle Sch.+
Paint Latrines Lions & Pop Hutton   All ages
Repair Roof Shooting Range   Adult + Middle Sch.+
Refinish & Paint Pool August 2015 Professionals & Adult Volunteers + Older Youth
Repair Cyclone Fence Pool   Adult + Youth
Clear Trail Gulch Trail By July 5, 2015 Adult + Youth
Cut Firewood Campfire Bowl   Adult + Youth
Paint Trim on Cabins Lions   Adult + Youth
     *Updated 6-1-15      

Materials Needs

Material Quantity   Material Quantity
Paint-Green 10 Gallons   Canopies-large  4
Paint-Cream 20 Gallons     carport size like  
Paint-light color 10 Gallons     at Costco or Ace  
Paint- Drk. Brown 20 Gallons   2x4's (8 ft.) for  40
Paint Brushes-med 10     building tent   
Rollers-large 5     platforms  
Rller Extensions 5   Plywood for tent 10 sheets
        platforms (1/2-3/4")  

Capital Campaign
The Maui County Council Boy Scouts of America is in the process of a capital campaign to to do some much needed improvements to Camp Maluhia.

To date, the Lions Campsite and Pop Hutton Campsites have had new bathroom and shower facilities built. Rotary Campsite Bathroom and Shower Building is in process, right now. The Lions Campsite Cabins have had their roofs replaced and are in the process of being painted. The Pop Hutton BBQ Pavilion has had the roof replaced and the supports reinforced to meet hurricane standards.

Recently, photovoltaic energy systems (solar panels) have been installed on the Long House roof, which got replaced in the process, and the across from the swimming pool. This system, along with the PV system installed at the Scout Service Center, are estimated to save the Maui County Council BSA approximately $16,000 annually.

We are currently in the process of preparing for a fire suppression system to be installed starting in August 2015. This will provide more reliable drinking water and fire hose bibs across the camp and will cost $2 million. This will lay the groundwork for the next phase of the capital campaign, which is the building of a new dining hall to hold 300 people. 

For more information, to volunteer services or to make a donation to support this campaign and these important projects, please contact Executive Director, Robert Nakagawa, at 808-463-7755 or email him at .


Maui County Council BSA Store Hours: 8:00AM-4:00PM, Monday-Friday except holidays. Phone: 808-244-3724


Service Center

200 Liholiho Street
Wailuku, HI 96793

Tel:  (808) 244-3724 Email: Click Here

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